Organic Washable and Reusable Breast Nipple Cover for Breast Feeding Mother

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Size: diameter 11cm/weight 20g/thickness 0.3cm

Packing method: 3 pairs nipple Pads + a wash bag
Bamboo fiber composition, soft and comfortable. It can be cleaned and recycled.

The surface layer is made of bamboo fiber lining, which is soft and comfortable to the touch.
The middle layer is super absorbent superfine fiber, which can quickly absorb spilled milk and keep it dry.
The outer layer is an impermeable and breathable film to prevent milk from permeating clothing and avoid summer Embarrassment of penetration.

Washing method:
1. Please wash before using this product, it is recommended to wash by hand, do not dry clean, do not iron, do not soak in water for a long time, and avoid exposure to the sun
2. Breast milk is rich in protein, which is easy to breed bacteria. Please replace the new breast pad in time after full absorption, which will help protect breast hygiene and health
3. Repeated use of breast pads will produce residual odors in breast milk. It is recommended to soak in light salt water for a while to remove odors

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