Delta 8 Mushroom Made With Magic

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10 months ago

If you are an experienced cannabis user, sometimes you might find that commercial edibles tend to be on the mellow side.

Whether you’ve triedCBD,Delta 8 or even a mix of both in edibles, you might have noticed that some edibles in the cannabis market hit a little lighter than your typical brownie.

This is why we checked these Power-Up Mushrooms  the Delta 8 and THC-O  infused shiitake mushrooms bring 500 mg of the innovative cannabinoid mix with each pack. 

With one of the strongest doses we’ve checked out in a light snack, these edibles are for sure a revolutionary power-up for those avoiding smoke in their cannabis intake with the D8 and THC-O mix. 

They are also 100% vegan, kosher, and sugar-free, so if you’ve been avoiding edibles because of your lifestyle, look no further.

Delta 8 Mushroom Pieces. Made with magic.Delta 8 Mushroom Pieces. Made with magic.

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