You've never liked going to the gym, How to start working out when you don`t like to

You've never liked going to the gym,   How  to  start   working  out   when  you    don`t  like   to

You know who you are. You've never liked going to the gym, no matter how hard you tried. Perhaps you've even hired a personal trainer a few times in the hopes that the increased cost and accountability would be enough to turn you into a regular gym goer.
However, it did not work.
Every time you begin an ambitious workout regimen with the intention of getting in shape, something–you have no idea what it is–cuts you short before you attain your goal.

But you know what the issue is deep down: you despise working exercise. It's difficult, inconvenient, sweaty, and the weight room has an odd odor. You don't like the way you look in those ridiculous clothing, and who has time for that anyway?

But you still have to wonder about those people who go to the gym on a regular basis. What's the secret of their success? How do they keep motivated day after day and year after year? Are they a distinct species? Or is there something they know that you don’t?

Few people are born with an intrinsic desire to work out in the gym. But there's one thing that divides individuals who enjoy working out from those who don't: fitness.

When you're not in shape, working out is a chore. However, you don't have to become a complete meathead to reach a point where exercise is no longer a chore. Exercising, like learning to cook, ceases feeling unpleasant and starts feeling nice once you reach a minimum competency level–in this case, fitness level. And, similar to cooking, the only way to get there is to Just Do It*.

Your goal shouldn't be to get buff or reduce weight if you're just starting a training routine. The first step is to improve your fitness to the point where you no longer despise working out. All you need is consistency for that.

When you first begin your program, don't push yourself to accomplish anything difficult or unpleasant; instead, focus on sticking with it and never giving up. I'd always despised running, so the first time I started jogging after years of not doing any cardio, I told myself I'd just run till I felt exhausted. I only made it about 4 blocks before returning home. I was up to 8 blocks after a week or two. That was more than ten years ago, and since then, I've run three marathons. I'm no longer a runner, but I'm finally the fit person I've always wanted to be.

There's no reason to go to the gym and torment yourself. You'll love pushing yourself a bit harder every now and then if you're in better shape. But in the meantime, force yourself to do something. Anything. Simply do it on a regular basis and don't make excuses.

Making your training so simple/convenient/fun/awesome that not doing it feels silly is the secret to being consistent. Here are a few pointers to help you get in shape for the rest of your life.

10 Exercise Tips for Getting Started and Maintaining Your Routine

1. Make a commitment to being consistent.

This is something that needs to be spoken again. Make a firm commitment to following through on your plan. If you're having trouble meeting your goals, modify them to something more manageable.

2. Start with small steps.

I used to jog around the block for years until I got lost one day and ran 8 miles, at which point marathon training no longer seemed so absurd. Expect to take a long time to transform into Superman.

3. Select a pleasurable activity.

Not all workout takes place in a gym. Climbing rocks is something you may enjoy. Do you like to shoot hoops? Do you want to swing the bat? Begin with the enjoyable activities and work your way up.

4. Bring a friend and make it a friendly competition.

One of the most effective methods to remain accountable and make your workout fun is to have a workout companion. Making it a competition is also a wonderful way to get people motivated.

5. Become a member of a sports team

A group of friends is even better than a single friend. Intramural sports teams are a great way to get a few extra exercises in each week.

6. Immerse yourself in music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Even if your schedule doesn't allow for group activities, your iPod has you covered. Make a motivating workout playlist, listen to your favorite podcasts and audiobooks, and whistle while you work.

7. Get yourself a dog.

What do you think requires a lot of energy? Puppies! If you can't get yourself motivated to workout, at least do it for Fluff Fluff.

8. Caffeine content

An evening workout can sometimes seem impossible after a long day. Caffeine is your friend at moments like this. You'll need to work out after around half an hour to burn off the extra energy.

9. Invest in some quality fitness gear, including shoes and an MP3 player.

It's exciting to get new toys. It's often the little things that make the biggest difference.

10. Give yourself a reward

Even if your activity appears small and trivial, doing something regularly is an accomplishment. If you've been exercising consistently, give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work you've put in.