What are the benefits of drinking alkaline water

What are the benefits of drinking alkaline water

  What are the benefits of drinking alkaline water

We've all heard that drinking water is beneficial to our health, and that we should drink at least 2 litres every day. What about alkaline water, though?

Does alkaline water have the same impact as ordinary water, or does it have even more health benefits?

To begin with, why is drinking so much water so beneficial to our health?

Water makes up more than half of our bodies! Water is required for the normal functioning of our cells, organs, and bones. In fact, water makes up over 70% of our brains and hearts.

Although it may not appear spectacular, becoming dehydrated can cause us to lose concentration and focus, become tired, and have sugar cravings. Dehydration can lead to organ failure in the long run, and humans can only survive for 3 to 4 days without water.

So, water is beneficial to our health. What's the difference between regular tap water and alkaline water, though?

Alkaline water has a PH exceeding 7, whereas regular tap water has a neutral PH of 7 (but it can be lower).

Any number less than 7 is acidic, while any number higher than 7 is neutral. Corrosive liquids, such as lemon juice, have a PH of roughly 2.5.

Because of the minerals and salts found in the ground, water normally has a PH higher than 7. However, as water goes through our man-made pipelines and water distribution systems, it loses a lot of its minerals, and the PH levels drop as a result.

Our bodies' blood has a PH of roughly 7.4, and our bodies' systems work hard to keep it that way. Many proponents of alkaline water feel that by consuming filtered water with a higher PH, we are assisting our bodies in maintaining a healthy PH of 7.4.

what does alkaline water do to the body

Reducing the amount of acid in our bodies

Drinking alkaline water is thought to aid in the reduction or balance of acid levels in our body.

Excess acid in the body can cause a variety of problems, including weariness, confusion, joint pain and inflammation, migraines, an elevated heart rate, and digestion disorders. When our kidneys are unable to eliminate all of the extra acid from our bodies, we develop a condition known as 'acidosis.'                    CLICK  ON THE  IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE' ABOUT  THE  PRODUCT

Important minerals like calcium and magnesium are stripped from our bones by acid in our bodies, which can contribute to disorders like osteoporosis.

Cancer has also been shown to thrive in acidic settings and suffer in alkaline ones. For many people, the ability to lower acid in the body could be a substantial benefit of drinking alkaline water.

Antioxidant properties

Antioxidants abound in alkaline water. Antioxidants are beneficial to our bodies as well as our overall health. They assist us in continuing to repair our cells in order to keep us looking and feeling fit and healthy.


Another advantage of consuming alkaline water is that it has an anti-aging effect on our bodies. Drinking alkaline water boosted mice's life span considerably, according to a three-year study published in 2016.

An acid reflux treatment

According to a paper by Dr. Jamie Koufman, alkaline water with a PH of 8.8 can be an effective treatment for acid reflux sufferers. Alkaline water can help to neutralize the stomach acid that causes this ailment.


Alkaline water contains smaller molecules than typical tap water. This means that our bodies can absorb alkaline water more easily without feeling bloated like they can with ordinary water.

Reducing high blood pressure is a difficult task.

Drinking alkaline water for 3 to 6 months returned high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipid levels back to normal, according to a Shanghai study.

Thickening of the blood

According to a study by Weidman et al, consuming alkaline water after exercise helps to thin the blood faster than regular water. This can help with recovery after exercise and could even save a person's life if they have thicker or hardened arteries and desire to enhance their fitness with less risk.

Obesity prevention

Many people who drink alkaline water claim that it aids in weight loss. A 2013 study indicated that obese mice who drank alkaline water for seven weeks lost weight when compared to mice who drank ordinary water but ate the same food.

The health advantages of drinking alkaline water are quite promising, and many people who drink it claim significant improvements in their health. However, many of these studies and reports were conducted in labs or on a small scale, so additional research confirming the multiple benefits of alkaline water would be beneficial.

Is there a risk of becoming sick from drinking alkaline water?

When you drink too much of something, it might have negative consequences. Overconsumption of alkaline items can cause alkalosis, albeit this is relatively rare. The presence of too much alkaline in the body can cause nausea and vomiting. We are much less likely to suffer this impact if we drink alkaline water and eat a healthy and diversified diet.

Slowly increasing the amount of alkaline water we drink allows our bodies to adjust to the higher mineral content and PH, reducing the risk of negative side effects.

How can I obtain alkaline water at home?

The most convenient way for us to have infinite alkaline water is to install a water filter, and Invigorated Water has a selection of alkaline water filter systems to suit every home.

For large kitchens with ample of counter space, counter top filters can hold enough water for the entire family. Smaller pitcher filters will easily fit into the refrigerator door, where they will stay cool.

Alternatively, our faucet filters are a simple and effective way to deliver alkaline water in your house.

Try one of our bottle filters if you're on the run and want to make sure you have your alkaline water with you. They not only improve the taste of your water, but they also enhance its appearance.

Bathing with alkaline water can also be beneficial.

When you take a shower, the water vaporizes into steam, which you inhale. Installing a shower filter that raises the PH of your water, such as the PH Rejuvenate shower head filter, ensures that you are breathing in safe, alkaline steam rather than potentially harmful, acidic water.

Showering with alkaline water can be beneficial to your skin as well. One study found that administering alkaline water to the sun damaged skin of mice helped to minimize the damage. Alkaline water has an anti-inflammatory impact that was also noticed in people swimming in high PH spring water. Many of our clients claim that their hair and skin feels substantially softer and smoother after showering beneath our shower head filters.

Another benefit of the Invigorated Water filters is that they can remove harmful pollutants, chemicals, and heavy metals from our drinking water while also adding beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium.

Pollutants often find their way into our water supply and are overlooked by government water treatment plants, especially if our water is transported over long distances in old pipes.                                             CLICK  ON THE  IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE'  ABOUT  THE  PRODUCT

Your body can thrive by raising the PH of your drinking water to make it alkaline, removing pollutants, and adding in healthy minerals. By choosing to drink filtered, alkaline water, you are taking one simple, easy step toward better health.