Treatment for premature ejection

Treatment for premature ejection

When they first start having sex, almost all males have premature ejaculation. That is very natural. (Even if some men would have you believe otherwise.) However, as you gain more expertise and confidence in the bedroom, this hair-trigger reaction normally fades away.

But what if the problem persists? How can you stay in bed longer?

To begin, avoid creating a negative self-fulfilling prophesy. If you're worried about ejaculating too soon, it'll damage your confidence before, during, and after sex. And that's a recipe for a terrible sexual encounter, which will just destroy your self-esteem more.


Instead, keep in mind that good sex entails much more than male orgasm. You'll have more positive experiences, and your partner(s) will as well, if you're at ease and confident.


So, before you get too worked up about your bedtime abilities, keep in mind that there are options. Because PE is such a widespread problem (and because it impacts our favorite pastime), there are a plethora of effective and safe therapies available. These therapies range from mood and blood flow supplements to numbing topicals that delay climax. There are also mindfulness and breathing practices that can assist you in overcoming this issue.

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