Therapy-G is THE hair-thinning and -hair loss treatment system.

Therapy-G is THE hair-thinning and -hair loss treatment system.

Therapy-G is THE hair-thinning and hair loss treatment system.

The most technologically advanced hair-thinning and hair-loss treatment system on the market today. The innovative formulas help to detoxify, nourish, and stimulate the hair follicle, as well as volumize, moisturize, and protect the hair and improve styling.

This revolutionary system is the first to provide DEEP CLEANSING AND NEUTRALIZATION of toxins, free radicals, and DHT while also stimulating new growth by nourishing the follicles and preventing hair and scalp drying. The goal of the follicle stimulator is to keep hair on the head for longer by extending the hair cycle's growth stage. It also includes the patented TRYPTOBOND GUARD, which is made up of amino acids and adheres to each hair strand it comes into contact with. It does not remove the hair from the scalp. Tryptobond Guard shields hair from UV damage, breakage, color and tonality shifts, and styling stress-induced surface damage.

Therapy-G is suitable for both those who are losing their hair and those who have fine hair. It allows these individuals to have thicker, fuller, and healthier hair that is resistant to sun damage, styling stress, and color changes.

Antioxidant Shampoo is formulated to prevent hair loss, inhibit DHT and Free Radicals, and remove sebum from the scalp.

Follicle Stimulator was created to nourish the follicle, lengthen the hair's growth cycle, and stimulate new growth.

Conditioning Treatment detangles hair and replenishes moisture in dry or chemically treated hair in seconds.

The Volumizing Treatment is intended to make hair thicker and fuller, to add body and bounce, and to instantly improve the appearance and feel of the hair.

Design Gel was created to help clients with fine or thin hair achieve a variety of looks. (Standard Hold)

Power  Structure.


Molding Adhesive is used to add structure and rigidity to a project while also increasing volume and texture. Shape, mold, separate, and define with this non-greasy, non-oily molding adhesive. (Firm Remaining)


So Fine Hairspray was created to help clients with fine or thin hair create amazing updos and keep fine, fragile hair in place (Firm Hold)


Hair Vitamin is formulated to deliver 100% of the DV (Daily Value) of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed to keep hair healthy. Hair that is healthy starts from the inside out.


Tryptobond Guard is a trademarked technology that protects hair from sun damage, style stress, and color changes in all Therapy-G products (excluding vitamins).



Tryptobond Guard enables for fashion style with blow dryers, hot irons, and hot rollers without the risk of excessive breakage and stress on fine or thinning hair. Men and women, in particular, can cure their thinning, fine hair while also improving its strength and moisture content.


The MOIST APPLICATION PROCESSor MAP, which greatly boosts absorption of Tryptobond Guard and other nutrients in the formulations, is a distinguishing advantage of Therapy-G. Ingredient efficiency improves greatly as well. Keep in mind that open pores absorb more than closed ones. The cationic Tryptobond Guard is what allows us to take advantage of the MAP. Tryptobond Guard literally bonds to the hair shaft, so clients with thinning or fine hair won't have to worry about their hair looking limp. There are no unpleasant scents left in the fact, Therapy-G has a LIGHT, FRESH SCENT THAT MEN AND WOMEN LOVE.