The significance of maintaining a regular sleep pattern

The significance of maintaining a regular sleep pattern

To put it another way, your chronotype is the biological clock that governs your daily routine. However, not everyone must have the same biological clock that ticks at the same rate. You have your own chronotype, which helps you decide the optimum time to perform your everyday tasks, such as eating, resting, exercising, and going to bed.

Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided: It should come as no surprise that caffeine consumed a few hours before bedtime may disrupt your sleep pattern. It is best to avoid these stimulants at night. Alcohol, on the other hand, purports to assist with sleep but really hinders it by interfering with the body's natural circadian cycle.

Keep an eye on the temperature: Keeping your room colder at night is the greatest method to get a good night's sleep. You may achieve REM sleep quicker by decreasing your body temperature before going to bed, which aids your body's recovery throughout the night. Comfortable clothes is also important if you want to fall asleep fast.

Relax: Limit your phone use before bedtime to avoid disrupting your sleep. Instead, before going to bed, take a warm shower. By increasing blood circulation, a warm bath aids in quicker cooling of the body. It is usually preferable to read a book rather than watch a series to help you go asleep.

Do all you can to maintain a regular sleep pattern throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. While you adopt social distance, you will minimize your chances of developing severe health problems such as heart disease or diabetes. Keep yourself safe and healthy.