Review of Designer Whey Protein Powder

Review of Designer Whey Protein Powder

Designer Protein was one of the first companies to provide pure whey protein for sale to the general public. They've been distributing protein powders directly to customers for over 25 years and can now be sold in a variety of retail stores and big supermarkets. Designer Whey protein is widely available; you can usually find it at a local store, or you can order it online.
The fact that the ingredients are all natural is what sets this protein powder apart. Natural ingredients are used, with no artificial flavors or colours, and no antibiotics or other additives.

Whey protein  is 100 percent natural

Whey is a kind of milk. It's a milk-based protein.
What does the label "100% natural whey protein" mean? This indicates that the whey in this protein powder is derived from non-GMO milk. The milk comes from cows who haven't been given antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. Although the milk is not necessarily organic, the whey is of excellent quality.
Antibiotics given to cows have been discovered to pass through milk and influence the health of humans who eat the milk, according to scientists. This can be avoided by using whey from cows that have not been given artificial growth hormones or antibiotics.
To others, this mark also means that the Designer Whey protein is made entirely of whey and nothing else. This isn't correct. A variety of other ingredients have been added to this protein powder for their nutritional and flavor benefits. This isn't a whey-only product.

Designer Whey Protein Powders

Additional Ingredients

The Designer Whey protein powder contains, in addition to natural whey,

A full spectrum of peptides with added Glutamine, Leucine, Taurine and Phenylalanine.

100% daily value of important B-vitamins.

No added sugar.

Other vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Vitamin D3, Calcium Phosphate, and Magnesium Oxide.

This brand of protein is:

Gluten Free


Low Carb

Paleo Friendly

Corn Free

Egg Free

Fish Free

Peanut Free

Shellfish Free

Starch Free

Tree Nut Free

Wheat Free

Yeast Free

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Sweeteners

No Casein


No Soy Protein

 Some of these might or might not be what you want in a protein powder. Some people prefer casein or soy protein over others. It is dependent on your objectives.

Designer Whey protein powders' French vanilla flavor is my personal favorite. This is their most famous flavor as well. Vanilla protein powders, in my opinion, are often too sweet and flavored too strongly. However, since this protein powder contains no artificial ingredients, the French vanilla taste is not overpowering. For me, the double chocolate comes in second.
Designer Whey also comes in a Purely Unflavored version for those who don't want to eat flavored protein powders. This version of their 100 percent natural whey protein powder is unflavored. This is great if you want to hide the taste of your protein powder with other ingredients in your smoothie.
Gourmet Chocolate, Summer Strawberry, Vanilla Almond, Double Chocolate, Vanilla Praline, and Purely Unflavored are among the other flavors available.

This protein powder provides 20 grams of protein for every 110 calories consumed. In terms of common protein brands, this is about average.
When you buy the two-pound tub of Designer Whey protein powder, you also get about 26 grams of protein for your dollar. This is better than average.
In other words, you're getting a lot of protein for your money. This protein powder contains more than just protein, so you'll get additional health benefits as well. This contains vitamins and minerals that will likely aid you in achieving your health objectives.
You'll also be getting a high-quality whey. Designer Whey goes to great lengths to ensure that the milk from which their whey is derived is of high quality and natural origin. This prevents unnecessary byproducts like bovine growth hormone from leaking into your protein shakes.


Designer Whey Protein Powders