My health evet

My health evet

  Using   My  Healthevet  for  a  betterlife

The VA's personal health record is called My HealtheVet. It is intended for veterans, active duty personnel, those who care for them, and others. You simply need an Internet-connected computer to use My HealtheVet. My HealtheVet can be used both privately at home and publicly in places like libraries and Internet cafes. Veterans may also have access to computers at their neighborhood VA medical center. For inquiries or help, get in touch with the My HealtheVet Coordinator at the VA Medical Center closest to you.

Utilizing and Getting the Tools

My HealtheVet can be accessed in three different ways. Different entryways are available on each level of the complex. Click Here  to get more information about the tools and each level of access:

Keeping Your Personal Information Secure

It's critical to protect your personal information. The website My HealtheVet is safe to use. To ensure the safety and protection of your personal health information, the VA adheres to strong security standards and procedures. However, it is crucial that you take precautions to safeguard your information whenever you use a computer. This is especially crucial if you're utilizing a computer that doesn't belong to you or creating copies of your data.


Advantages of My HealtheVet

You can better understand your health status by using My HealtheVet. It enables you to investigate several methods for maintaining and enhancing your health. By utilizing the resources on My HealtheVet, you can collaborate more actively with your medical team. Working together and exchanging information with your medical team may help them comprehend your unique healthcare requirements. The main advantage is that you may quickly access your personal health information from anyplace with Internet access by logging into your My HealtheVet account. You get 24/7 access to your information at your convenience.

Do not wait; begin your My HealtheVet road to greater health right away!


Health is most important - if lost everything is lost.

Health is a Long-Term Investment: Health is an investment that pays off for the rest of one's life. This is demonstrated by the fact that – People who are afflicted with poor health frequently die at a young age. They have been focusing all of their efforts on accumulating wealth while neglecting their health. Their 'Career Life' was enjoyable, but it has now come to an end because they are no longer alive. Add to that the fact that many people do not live long enough to collect the pensions and other benefits for which they have worked their entire lives. True, death is unavoidable and unpredictable, but the chances of dying young at the hands of a disease increase significantly if you don't live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy person, on the other hand, is more likely to live longer and reap the benefits of his hard work both in the long and short term. A healthy lifestyle will keep him free of most diseases, and they may even be able to pass on their wealth to survivors and heirs, which will be beneficial to them.

Healthy Population Contributes to a Healthy Economy: A healthy population contributes directly to a country's well-developed economy. It's simple to understand: if an organization's employees are sick or sick, the company's profits will suffer or stay the same. This will not only have an impact on the organization, but it will also have an impact on the revenue generated by these. Only when a country's supporting infrastructure is in good shape can its economy benefit. The better each part of the system is, the better the result would be. A recent study undertaken by the World Health Organization provided an example in this regard. According to the report, about 47% of workers in urbanized industrial settings are overweight. About 27% of those polled have hypertension, and 10% of those polled have diabetes. Staff are more likely to develop chronic diseases like obesity, heart attack, stroke, and cancer, according to the report. It is not necessary to consult an expert to envision the future of such an industrial setup.

Health is a means to a Better Life: Being in good health allows us to maximize our body's potential and, as a result, our ability to gain more and live better. Not only physically, but also psychologically, it improves one's quality of life. Personal happiness and financial security are inextricably linked to one another. Hard work, sharing, compassion, consistency, and other positive attributes are promoted by a healthy mindset. Unhealthy living, on the other hand, is a source of misery. A wealthy person may have all of life's luxuries, but that does not guarantee that he is living a happy life. Better living can only be achieved by realizing that ‘Health is a Means to Better Living,' not only in terms of infrastructure but also in terms of attitude.