How to increase your libido naturally

How to increase  your libido naturally

Numerous factors, ranging from fitness routines to medications, might affect your sex drive.

Libido, or sex drive, varies amongst people and changes naturally over time.

The libido is influenced by a variety of internal and environmental circumstances, and most people find that as they become older, their propensity for sex decreases. Along with other health conditions including obesity and chronic sickness, several drugs can also have an impact on a person's sex desire.

Hormone changes, sleep patterns, mental health, interpersonal relationships, exercise routines, and stress are additional elements that affect libido.

Although not everyone experiences it, poor sex drive can cause men to develop erectile dysfunction and low self-esteem (although not all ED is caused by low libido).

There are various natural techniques to somewhat increase your sex drive if your desire for physical connection isn't where you'd like it to be.

Even though these techniques are typically regarded as secure, it is advisable to speak with a doctor before taking a new supplement. Please visit your doctor if you have any concerns about a change in your sex drive or any associated health issue.

Consume aphrodisiacs

Something that is said to raise libido and stoke sexual desire is called an aphrodisiac.

Oysters, chocolate, figs, watermelon, bananas, chilli peppers and pistachio nuts, truffles, and honey are among foods that are traditionally considered of as aphrodisiacs.

Along with essential vitamins and minerals, these meals contain active ingredients that can relax the body and mind, enhance blood flow to the genitals, increase sex hormone and sperm production, or even elicit feelings of pleasure (chocolate, of course!).

However, the majority of the evidence for their effects is anecdotal rather than scientific, so feel free to experiment with what works for you.

Make use of cordyceps mushroom powder.

A medicinal mushroom called cordyceps, also referred to as "nature's Viagra," has been used for millennia in Traditional Chinese Medicine to increase vigor and sexual vitality.

Despite the fact that its aphrodisiac benefits are typically associated with men, new research has shown that it can increase sexual desire and function in both men and women. Cordyceps is known to boost fertility in females and can raise testosterone production in males, which helps with sperm count, arousal, and impotence.

Finding a high-quality cordyceps supplement is crucial for maximizing the concentration of active components.

Attempt maca root

A root vegetable from Peru called maca has adaptogenic and fertility-enhancing effects. Studies have started to demonstrate its capacity to boost libido, even in those whose sex desire is impacted by SSRI antidepressants.

Although the exact mechanism of action is unclear, maca is high in the amino acid arginine, which may encourage the creation of testosterone. Additionally, maca has the ability to improve mood and is a gentle hormone regulator in women with the potential to ease menopause symptoms.

Limit yourself to one drink.

Drinking wine can be aphrodisiac because it relaxes you and lowers your inhibitions, which can help you feel more sociable. Additionally, it raises females' testosterone levels, which is related to sexual excitement.

Alcohol abuse, on the other hand, has the opposite impact. Drinking more than a couple of drinks can impair orgasm and lower sexual performance.

Alcohol can make sex uncomfortable because it affects physiological arousal and makes it difficult for women to get wet.

It may interfere with a man's ability to achieve and keep an erection. Erectile dysfunction can develop over time as a result of excessive alcohol use.

Have a restful night's sleep

Reduced sexual desire is associated with poor sleep, especially in women. Lack of sleep can increase stress, have an adverse effect on mental health, and deplete vitality, all of which can influence libido.

If you can't get enough at night, try to obtain seven to nine hours of sleep each night and think about arranging naps.

Additionally, you can improve the quality of your sleep by sleeping in a dark room, keeping your bedroom cold, avoiding screens an hour before bed, using adaptogens like Reishi, exercising frequently, and using stress-relieving strategies.


control your worry and tension

 While having sex can help reduce stress, stress can also affect one's desire to have sex. A hectic schedule without downtime can make one tired and less interested in sex.

Males may find it more difficult to achieve and sustain an erection due to anxiety, which can also impact libido. One of the most crucial things we can all do for both our general health and our sex drive is to manage our stress levels.

Examples of techniques to assist manage stress and anxiety include meditation, breathwork techniques, a balanced diet, socializing with friends, fostering better relationships, time management, and considering therapy.

Regular but moderate exercise

There are various ways that exercise can boost libido. Regular exercise boosts testosterone production, which benefits both sexes' sexual desire and male sperm count.

Exercise can also increase libido by improving mood and self-esteem, lowering stress, boosting sexual performance, and improving circulation.

 But it's crucial to avoid going overboard. Excessive exercise might wear you out and reduce your sex drive.