Customers of Eden Beauty Skincare give their opinions on the products.

Customers of Eden Beauty Skincare give their opinions on the products.

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I ordered the acne clear skin kit because I’ve struggled with cystic acne for years. I’ve tried it all, and the only thing that ever worked for cystic was a prescription for spironolactone. But the smaller zits never went away. I finally figured it out. The various products i’d used all dried out my skin, so it would crank out more oil trying to keep the skin hydrated, and alas, the acne kept coming. Since using coconuts for this cream (and some other things I’ll post below), all of my acne has gone away and I don’t have to take the pills anymore. Amazing!! My skin care routine is now: Body shop Tea Tree cleanser Eden Beauty witch’s ball 2x/week Averr Aglow Clear Skin Elixir Coconuts for this cream (I put it on at least 3 times a day when weather is dry and cold)    


New Acne Targeting Kit  takes a unique approach to helping rid your skin of pesky pimples, black/white heads, and acne


Kathleen G.

vegan all-natural cruelty free skincare


My skin has never looked or felt so good! And the most important and most beautiful thing is that your company has compassion for animals. I only buy cruelty free and vegan,and this is the best product ever!

Coconuts For This Cream


Catherine C.


I love this serum I used too many serum this is only serum works for me the Eden pro youth serum I will never used any serum except the Eden pro youth serum ❤️

o yea! AHA! mhm! serum


Annissa R.


I am in love with the coffee scrub it takes off what feels like years of dead skin with first use. I also love "attack dark spots" because I have hyperpigmented skin and it dries up my current acne without drying my skin. I am only in my second week but I will definitely be ordering the product again! Thanks eden beauty for giving me the answer to all my problems in one kit

Customer Favorite Extra Strength Dark Spot System (Best Value)


LaCathryn S.


So in Love!! My skin has always been horrible and ugly with dark spots all over my face since the 4th grade and I have tried many products and pills but nothing worked. I found Eden Beauty and I admit I was like man they are lying it does not work lol they just want your money but then I was thinking well heck what if this really works Cat you will finally be happy and confident. So I went ahead and I ordered it. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! I do not regret it whatsoever!! It's only been two weeks and t...

Customer Favorite Extra Strength Dark Spot System (Best Value)


Kayla D.


My skin has never looked better! I've been to 4 different dermatologist, all the products they prescribed were so harsh and uncomfortable on my skin. Eden beauty is awesome, I'm really shocked by how fast it worked!!!

Skinwin (1 bottle plus free Harmony Cleanse)


Catheine C.


I put the photos from first day and a month of using I can see the huge difference Eden beauty help me a lot to have clear and soft skin I love it kinda a pricey but it works for me

Bye Bye Darkspots - Body Kit


Alisi W.


My first order I was not really interested in using after a few weeks and during these Covid-19 I experienced alot of breakout due to stress I think...I was eating healthy and doing my normal exercise and was trying different product but didn't work out and so I went back to Eden Beauty and check out how to use these product again...After my search I realized I was not using the steps correctly , so I started again...I realized the big difference in just few days...It's amazing...also I tried to...

Customer Favorite Extra Strength Dark Spot System (Best Value)


Takia P.


I really love these products my skin is so soft and the bonus is the products are vegan and cruelty free. I’m using the discoloration kit and I just received body miracle kit, I can’t wait to use the body products. I’m in love with Eden’s beauty products.

3-Step Discoloration System


Lucky H.


The dark spot eraser wand is like magic! The hyperpigmentation on my legs was a very deep brown (almost black). After using the roll on for only two weeks the sun spots have faded by 50%! I’ve tried many fade products (even prescription ones) and this has worked the best thus far! Thank you Eden!

Bye Bye Darkspots - Body Kit


Erica E.

vegan all-natural cruelty free skincare


I had an uneven skin tone and even with makeup you could tell. Now my skin looks flawless and my boyfriend compliments me on how soft it feels. No more dry patches. I love it!!!

[AFTERPAY] Customer Favorite Extra Strength Dark Spot System (Best Value) [AfterPay]


Chevell H.


My skin has drastically improved as I had really bad dark spots but they are going away. Also when I have a pimple that shows up I just start to use the good witch’s ball and it starts working on that pimple and taking it away. I’m in love with the entire line. Thank you!!!

[AFTERPAY] Customer Favorite Extra Strength Dark Spot System (Best Value) [AfterPay]


Alana W.


So I got my kit, and I love it. I have been struggling with acne and scars for far too long. It's actually working for me. My scars have lightened alot. It's been about 3 weeks using it. My only downside is that 2 items from the kit is finished. I went to the website and the individual items aha serum $89 and the good witch ball $69. I was shocked at the price for just 2 items. The step 2,3,4 I will have to keep buying, as it finishes sooner for me. The other items can last a long time. So I gu...

Customer Favorite Extra Strength Dark Spot System (Best Value)


1513 Debra st K.


Only been using it a week I’m in love with my skin and the complex of my skin ,excited on my end results. I have really sensitive skin and this is the only product That doesn’t irritate at all ,also shipping was quick 5 star recommend

Customer Favorite Extra Strength Dark Spot System (Best Value)


Beth I.


Having suffered (and still suffering!) from acne and Rosacea for the last 3 decades, my skin is a war zone of scarring, redness and poc marks. I didn’t expect miracles because I’ve used everything. The Eden system has been fabulous! This picture is not quite 90 days of use and so much of the redness and scarring is going away or gone. Bumps are smoothing out and my skin is much better balanced. The products smell fantastic and feel great on my face. I use on neck and chest area as well. I will c...


vegan all-natural cruelty free skincare