cbd cream for back pain

cbd cream for back pain

CBD for Pain Management
Any discomfort that lasts for more than a few months is considered chronic. Studies have shown that CBD, frequently in conjunction with THC, is an efficient painkiller for a variety of chronic diseases.
Both CBD and THC have shown to be highly effective as analgesics for cancer-related pain. The spray is authorized to treat cancer in Canada and is also used to relieve discomfort associated with multiple sclerosis.

In a previous study, CBD was also proven to be beneficial in reducing chronic pain in patients with multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries.

CBD for Joint Pain and Arthritis

Numerous ailments and pains associated to the joints fall under the umbrella of arthritis, a broad phrase. Swelling, joint discomfort, and stiffness are typical symptoms that might worsen over time.

In both animal and preclinical studies, CBD has demonstrated potential as an anti-inflammatory compound, which is encouraging for the treatment of arthritis given it is already a well-established analgesic for other disorders. Clinical research on the use of CBD for arthritis is, however, less developed and ongoing.

In contrast, a tiny 2019 study suggests a combination of CBD and THC may be helpful for those with fibromyalgia, a form of arthritis that causes exhaustion and all-over body pain..

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Source:  forbes health