Arthritis You Can't Ignore, as well as the recommended supplement for joint pain relief.

Arthritis  You Can't Ignore, as well as the  recommended   supplement for joint pain relief.

Knees, elbows, fingers, wrists, and ankles are just a few of the areas on your body where your bones link. And, just like on the road, things can go wrong at these crossroads, ranging from injuries to arthritis and other ailments.

What evidence do you have? Keep an eye out for these joint problems.

The pain is worse at night.

When your joints are at work during the day, the pain associated with an inflamed joint is often readily tolerated. "However, if it keeps you awake at night, that's usually a sign of something more serious," explains Johns Hopkins rheumatologist Rebecca Manno, M.D., M.H.S.

Swelling, redness, and/or warmth are all possible symptoms.

Swelling of the joints, redness in the area, or a portion of skin that feels particularly warm to the touch are all indicators of inflammation, which could be caused by arthritis, infection, or something else, according to Manno.

Morning stiffness that takes several hours to dissipate.

"As people get older, many of them feel stiff in the morning," Manno explains. "It's not too concerning if it lasts less than 30 minutes and eases when you get moving." However, if it doesn't go away until after lunch or later, it's a clue that something else is going on."

Pain that refuses to go away.

It's worth getting evaluated if you sense something "wrong" that lasts for a long time, just like stiffness. It's less important to be concerned about discomfort that comes and goes.

Joint pain, as well as other unrelated symptoms.

Fever? Rash? Sores in the mouth? When new symptoms appear at the same time as a painful joint, even if they don't appear to be connected, it's a red flag. Other seemingly coincidental events to mention to your doctor include recent travel or insect bites and stings.

Pain that is severe enough to cause you to alter your daily routine.

Do you try to avoid particular stores to save time? Do you find yourself avoiding activities that you enjoy? "People devise workarounds," says the author. If you twist your ankle, you can adapt for a day or two. But if you're still doing it after a month, something's wrong.

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